The D&B45D, manufactured according to our specifications by Hanjin of South Korea, is a multipurpose rig suited to a number of applications that are particularly relevant to mineral and energy exploration in Africa.

With a capacity of 2,400 m in NQ diameter, the rig is suitable for deep mineral exploration, as well as for stratigraphic holes for conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons exploration.

The rig can also drill in mud-rotary, which makes it a useful tool for slim geothermal wells (including shallow production wells) and coal bed methane exploration.

The rig is track-mounted for increased maneuverability on site.

D & B Hanjin 45 Series

NQ 2400m
HQ3 1800m
PQ3 1200m

Mud Rotary


D&B Hanjin 45D