Equipment and Services

AAA Drilling uses Atlas Copco CS10 and CS14 rigs for core drilling, and a Hanjin D&B 45 for deep core drilling and mud-rotary.

Our rigs are purchased new from respected manufacturers and are chosen for their rugged construction, high capacity and lower down times, as required in difficult drilling environments.

Support trucks are Isuzu 4WDs.

The company does geophysical logging (Robertson logging equipment) and in-hole surveying (Reflex equipment).

Atlas Copco CS-10 (Trailer Mounted)

NQ 800m
HQ 535m
PQ 315m

Atlas Copco CS-14

NQ 1200m
HQ 800m
PQ 475m

D & B Hanjin 45 Series

NQ 2400m
HQ 1800m
PQ 1200m

Deep mud rotary


Atlas Copco